New Album: To The Horizon

Album Release!: To the horizon

Hometown Strangers began writing music together before they even performed their first show. It began with a song that…to be completely honest…was not great, as they began trying to find their sound and fall in sync with each other. They would fulfill this goal with their first to be released written song, “Another Bar”, which they performed regularly. It remained nameless for months due to its unique lack of a lyrical chorus. At this point, HTS had no plans to release an album. That would change by the summer of 2019, when they decided to dedicate their time toward writing their first album, “To the Horizon”, and take a hiatus from performing when winter rolled around…with plans to release it in the spring of 2020. As you would have it, the option to perform became nonexistent when a global pandemic struck and the world came to a halt, thus halting the process of recording as well. As the world began returning to a state of normalcy, HTS persevered through personal losses and lineup changes, which delayed the album by another year. But don’t be fooled. While plans changed and frustration was had, Hometown Strangers is happy to portray the growth and change that they have experienced over the two years they spent on the album. Finally, as of spring of 2022, “To the Horizon” is here and ready to blast through your speakers with a bang!

Find it anywhere you stream music. Just search “hometown strangers” or check it out here to listen to To the Horizon!